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Language Arts

Combining Language Arts and Local Ecology

Archbold's The Scrub Blog (link here), updated weekly, includes over 200 short articles (~500 words) written by Archbold staff. Topics include science, conservation, environmental education, history, and art.

While learning about the Headwaters of the Florida Everglades, student can also practice their Language Arts skills.

Worksheets, correlating to Florida's Language Arts standards are available for download:

200+ articles can be overwhelming,

so we've selected three of our favorites below. 


The Bad Seed:

A Tangled Tale

By Mark Deyrup

"While tanglehead seeds are annoying, they are so beautifully adapted that they can claim our grudging admiration..."

Dusk to Dawn:

Archbold's Nocturnal Visitors

By Paul Ruben

"Every time I check the camera it feels like I’m opening up a present. You never know what you might see..."


Hope on the Horizon for Florida Grasshopper Sparrows

By Rebecca Windsor

"With headlamps adorned, the biologists brave the clouds of mosquitoes and the soggy prairie landscape to study a rare bird endemic to Florida..."

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