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Science Lessons

for 3rd-5th Grade Classes

Choose Your Own Adventure

Use the embedded slideshow below to encounter Archbold's educators and researchers in the field. Students can choose what questions to ask them. The presentation is about 15 minutes long, but students may want to run through twice to choose different options. Click the three dots at the bottom to go full-screen.

SCIENCE in the SCRUB Module 1:

At Home in the Florida Scrub

Students learn how Florida Scrub-Jays rely on family for survival in the Florida scrub, and how scientists use banding and long-term research to understand and protect this endangered species. 

Lesson Plan

Scrub-Jay Story Image

Scrub-Jay Graph

Family Tree

SCIENCE in the SCRUB Module 2:
Florida Scrub Food Chain

Students learn about the components of food chains in the Florida scrub habitat.

Students watch a slide presentation, then work in small groups using print-outs to model food chains and food webs.

Mod 2: Lesson Plan

Food Chain Slideshow

Discovering the Florida Scrub

This document is a fantastic Florida scrub ecosystem primer for teachers and includes  outdoor student activities for those with scrub nearby.

SCIENCE in the SCRUB Module 3:

Animal Skulls: Animal Features are Bone Deep

In this lesson, students learn about how scientists classify animals and how animal skulls reveal clues about how animals live. Students watch a video, then work in groups to complete a skull matching activity.

Mod 3: Lesson Plan

Skull Match Answers

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