Science Lessons

for 3rd-5th Grade Classes


SCIENCE in the SCRUB Module 1:

At Home in the Florida Scrub

Students learn how Florida Scrub-Jays rely on family for survival in the Florida scrub, and how scientists use banding and long-term research to understand and protect this endangered species. 

Lesson Plan

Scrub-Jay Story Image

Scrub-Jay Graph

Family Tree

SCIENCE in the SCRUB Module 2:

Florida Scrub Food Chain

Students learn about the components of food chains in the Florida scrub habitat.

Students watch a slide presentation, then work in small groups using print-outs to model food chains and food webs.

Mod 2: Lesson Plan

Food Chain Slideshow

SCIENCE in the SCRUB Module 3:

Animal Skulls: Animal Features are Bone Deep

In this lesson, students learn about how scientists classify animals and how animal skulls reveal clues about how animals live. Students watch a video, then work in groups to complete a skull matching activity.

Mod 3: Lesson Plan

Skull Match Answers

Discovering the Florida Scrub Curriculim

Discovering the Florida Scrub is a for educators interested in taking their science lessons outdoors. The curriculum encourages students and teachers to get into the scrub and explore the habitat using hands-on inquiry-based activities. Although designed for grades 3-5, the activities and information include ideas suitable for older students. The organisms chosen for the activities are ones that can be found and worked with easily.


Scrub Evolution Module