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Nature Wonder Alive
with Mr. Dustin

DIY shot live-streamed science show for all grades



Join science educator Dustin Angell every month for live-stream outdoor nature tours. In these episodes, shot in a do-it-yourself style with his phone and selfie-stick, Mr. Dustin teaches audiences of all ages about the natural wonders alive at Archbold Biological Station’s 20,000 acres of wild Florida located in the Headwaters of the Florida Everglades and the Florida Wildlife Corridor. The show also features guest scientists who explain their research methods and findings. Audiences will learn about habitats, the organisms that live there, and the natural processes - like geology, climate, and fire - that shape them both. Since this show is live-streamed on Zoom and Facebook Live, audience members can interact with Mr. Dustin and the scientists through the chat window.

Florida Science Standards PDF

Examples of Mr. Dustin's previous selfie-stick tours

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